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How does the generator manufacturer adjust the gas distribution phase of the 400KW diesel generator

The gas distribution phase of the 400KW diesel generator set is the crankshaft rotation angle corresponding to the opening and closing time of the engine's intake valve and exhaust valve according to the engine's working cycle, which is called the gas distribution phase angle, which is used to control the intake and exhaust. Only by adjusting the timing of gas distribution correctly can it play a role in full combustion.




The commonly used adjustment methods for generator manufacturers to adjust the gas distribution phase of 400KW diesel generator sets are as follows:

1. Offset camshaft key method; if most of the intake and exhaust valve distribution phases are off to one side and the difference values are close to the same, generally the offset key method can be used to adjust. The offset camshaft key method is to adjust the gas distribution phase by changing the cross-sectional shape of the connecting key between the timing gear and the camshaft. Shift the corresponding angle, so that the valve timing changes.


2. Camshaft timing gear axial movement method: Since the timing gear of the lower camshaft is mostly helical, if the camshaft timing gear is displaced axially, the meshing position with the crankshaft timing gear can be changed , so that the camshaft deflects a certain angle, thereby changing the valve timing (the camshaft axial clearance requirement remains unchanged).


In actual repair, it is generally adjusted by changing the thickness of the thrust flange or the thickness of the hub of the timing gear to obtain the axial displacement of the timing gear.


The accuracy and reliability of the gas distribution phase have a great influence on the life of the diesel engine, the economical efficiency of the work and the power performance. Therefore, in the repair process of the diesel generator set, it is necessary to adjust the gas distribution phase Bits are tested, inspected, and adjusted to be correct or nearly reasonable.


We need to adjust the gas distribution phase of the diesel generator set to the correct position, and then start it. At this time, we need to observe whether the fuel consumption of the generator set is normal and whether there is high fuel consumption. If the fuel consumption is too high and black smoke is discharged, it needs to be adjusted.

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