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KEYPOWER Banco de carga resistente de 800kw para pruebas de generador
La capacidad de prueba total varía desde 0kw hasta el máximo que consiste en 10kw, 20kw, 50kw, 100kw, interruptores de configuración de carga más un botón de ajuste fino de 0-10kw. Desde 0kw hasta el máximo, cualquier combinación de carga es alcanzable. La resolución del paso de carga es de 10kw.
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KEYPOWER Banco de carga resistente de 800kw para pruebas de generador

Model: KPLB-800
Testing capacity: 0 - 800 kw
Type of load: Resistive, PF = 1.0
Duty: Continuous
Cooling system: Industrial grade axial fan
Phase: Available at both single and three phase
Rated testing voltage: 110-480 VAC
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz

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KEYPOWER Load Bank Technical Specifications  
1. Resistive type of load, PF = 1.0. Stainless steel sheathed elements manufactured from high grade nickel-chromium alloys resistive wire covered by 3-year warranty.     
2. Rated testing voltage: AC 3P4W, 110-480 VAC 50/60HZ.     
3. Cooling mode: forced air-cooled, fans mounted on the side of the load bank blow horizontally. External utility power or internal tested power supply for fans.     
4. Working mode: load step control
Total testing capacity ranges from 0kw to the max consisting of 10kw, 20kw, 50kw, 100kw load setting switches plus a 0-10kw fine-tuning knob. From 0kw to the max, any load combination is achievable. Load step resolution is 10kw.  
5. Load bank features world-famous components to ensure reliable performance and longer service life including:

65a0abcd-71ea-4a03-a397-96c028a07077.jpg  contactors.
e6aea9f4-d658-4cf2-bf5e-52b7c1b40c31.jpg  switches, knobs and indicators.
9bd3ece4-27f1-4b5f-b857-8bfe773ff629.jpg  circuit breakers.
5453df63-a87a-446c-90c4-51d14d25bf28.jpg  intermediate relays.
70a2a081-2533-4ddb-a9c6-325378cbe478.jpg  terminal blocks.

6. Parameter measuring accuracy grade: 0.5.
7. Load control accuracy: ±3%.
8. Load bank protections: over heating protection, cooling fans failure protection and over load protection with alarm.
9. Control mode: two control modes available: a) Local manual control; b) Optional: Manual control via a remote control panel (max control distance is 20m).
10. Parameter display and measurement: Control panel contains a  b7523933-9e24-434f-94ce-e90c1b386271.gif  Multifunction Electricity Meter displaying voltage, current, load power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency etc. (Optional: a professional generator tester displays and measures all sorts of steady, dynamic parameters as well as harmonic wave, can be connected to a PC for data recording and test report printing).

11. Operating environment: Altitude: ≤1000m above sea level. Ambient temp: -10℃~+40℃ Relative humidity: ≤80% ventilated environment without explosive or corrosive dust. Not allowed to use in rainy outdoor environment.


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