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Keypower Mtu Diesel Generators 60Hz
KEYPOWER MYU Series generator is powered by MTU which features high-pressure commom-rail EFI technology, greatly improved combustion efficiency and lowered fuel consumption and emission. It can provid
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Genset Model127/220V 3Phase 4 Wires  60Hz COSφ=0.8Parameters of MTU  Diesel Engine  1800rpm
Standby PowerPrime Power

Maximum Current


Engine ModelCyl.




(Full Load)


KP100010008009107282624 12V2000G851223.88L190
KP1137113791010258202985 16V2000G451631.84L210.7
KP12501250100011359083280 16V2000G851631.84L232.5
KP142514251140130010403740 18V2000G851835.82L279.7
KP187518751500170013604921 12V4000G431257.2L422
KP220022001760200016005774 12V4000G831257.2L493
KP250025002000227518206561 16V4000G431676.3L493
KP275027502200250020007217 16V4000G831676.3L564.6
KP31253125250028132500 8201 20V4000G432095.4L601.8
KP343834382750312525009021 20V4000G832095.4L643.6
KP375037503000345027609841 20V4000G83L2095.4L707
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