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Keypower Diesel Generators 60Hz
KEYPOWER Doosan series generator power by Doosan engine,heavy duty,Low fuel consumption and noise ,high stability,durability and long life and with a wide range of power output.
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Genset Model127/220V 3Phase 4 Wires  60Hz COSφ=0.8Parameters of  Doosan Diesel Engine 1800rpm
Standby PowerPrime Power

Maximum Current


Engine ModelCyl.




(Full Load)


KP75756068.755197 DB5865.78516.4
KP1101108810080289 D114668.07124.7
KP150150120136109394 D1146T68.07132.5
KP190190152175140499 DP086TA68.132.5
KP212212.5170192.5154558 P086TI-I68.07132.5
KP250250200225180656 P086TI68.07132.5
KP275275220250200722 DP086LA68.132.5
KP343343275313250902 P126TI611.05170.3
KP375375300343275984 P126TI-II611.05173.8
KP4404403524003201155 P158LE-I814.618 91.3
KP488488390443.73551279 P158LE814.618 102.5
KP5505504405004001443 DP158LCS814.618 111.5
KP6256255005604501640 DP158LDS814.618 127.1
KP6876875506255001804 DP180LAS1018.273 140.5
KP7407405946755401949 DP180LBS1018.273 150.7
KP8258256607756002165 DP222LAS1221.927 161.7
KP8508506807756202231 DP222LBS1221.927 172.7
KP9009007268256602382 DP222LCS1221.927 183.2
KP4934933944433551293 P158LE-S814.618 111.5
KP6006004805504401575 P180LE1014.618 128.2
KP6306305045754601653 P180LE-S1014.618 128.2
KP6886885506255001804 P222LE-11221.927 153.9
KP7207205766605281890 P222LE1221.927 153.9
KP7507506007005601968 P222LE-S1221.927 151.6
KP8258256607506002165 P222FE1221.927 175.1
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